FAQ on Hair Growth

Question: Are the products chemical free?
Answer: Yes, our products are chemical free. We use a vegan, natural and whole food herbal formula free of fillers and pesky synthetic vitamins. 

Question: Can I use the hair gold with braids, locs, weave, extensions and/or wigs?

Answer: Yes, our products are perfect to use while wearing a protective style. When wearing protective styles, simply use the dropper to apply the oil to various locations on your scalp. Next, massage the oil directly into your scalp. It is important to keep your scalp clean, hydrated and healthy especially when wearing a protective style.


Question:  Will it grow/ thicken my hair?

Answer: Our products are specifically designed to promote increased growth and thicken your hair.

FAQ on Wigs

Question: If this is my first wig what do you recommend?

Answer: A closure wig . Frontal wigs or full lace wigs can be a lot to work with and a lot of maintenance if you are not familiar with them.